History of Gold

Gold has exercised the power to fascinate for thousands of years.
Due to its exceptional qualities, it has a symbolic importance in many civilisations.
With its colour and glow, gold is like light and the rays of the sun. Inalterable, it seems to defy man and time: it represents immortality and therefore the divine.

With jewellery, coins, statuettes and funeral masks, etc., history has left us many examples of the appeal this precious metal has for man.

The best known use is gold leaf produced by hammering the pure metal until it is extremely thin. The leaf obtained in this way is used to decorate edifices and furniture but also all sorts of items, including books.

So the book edge gilder is perpetuating a very ancient trade: the protection and embellishment of the edges of a manuscript or a printed book by applying fine gold leaf.

Today, more than the protection of the book, it’s the noble, rich appearance of this finish that will appeal to you.